Laboratory Moleria Locchi

Art, passion and professionalism for over a century

The Locchi laboratory is situated in the heart of Oltrarno, the florentine southbank. In this atelier - famous all over the world for the quality of its restoration achievements on glass and precious crystal items - the work is carried on with ancient machinery and thanks to techniques that combine an established tradition with a continuous research activity.

The Locchis have been restoring, grinding and carving crystal objects since the nineteenth century, when the family was commissioned work by the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Since then, the skilled craftsmanship of these master grinders has brought back to their original condition goblets, bowls, cruets, salt-cellars, precious Murano- glass chandeliers. Any object is carefully inspected and taken care of, whether ancient or modern, simple or important. Such competent and professional qualities have made it possible for the Locchi family to acquire an international reputation and become an invaluable source of advice in their field.

Today, Signora Paola - heiress to the artisans dynasty - together with Giovanna, her daughter- in law- devote themselves to the restoration of objects of any age and style and to the creation of a refined production of crystal gift articles, using eighteenth-century, Empire, Liberty and Decò ancient shapes. Nowadays the Locchi laboratory of Via Burchiello, located in an ancient Palazzotto right in the centre of the quarter of San Frediano, is a real meeting place for antique aristocratic women who queue up to leave with Paola and her collaborators their precious objects. There is a solution for everything. Sometimes complete remaking can be the only option and in that case Locchi reproduce the mould, as it happened with Empire crystal amphorae, exclusive eighteenth-century glasses, renaissance delicately shaped items.

The laboratory also produces sets of glasses in any style, interior decoration objects, collectables and provides a finishing touch for bowls and cups by carving initials, monograms, logos, coat-of-arms. Small carmine or cobalt blue perfume bottles, faceted whisky decanters, late-romantic chandeliers, jugs with Russian hunting-scene decorations, the famous Medici vase and the nuptial cup are part of this unique gift collection. The laboratory has customers from all over the world, including many from the United States together with important department stores.