The Laboratory

The art of making things by hand

Crystalware in Florence since
the 19th century

The Locchi workshop produces glass and crystal objects for the table and home decoration.
Here everything is forged by making use of ancient blowing techniques and finished by careful grinding and engraving processes, rigorously executed by hand.

History of a Florentine bottega

The origins of Moleria Locchi date back to the end of the 19th century when, in the San Frediano district, the heart of the Florentine Oltrarno, an artisan workshop was founded. It created beautiful glasses requested, at the time, in luxury ships and in large hotels for their extraordinary refinement.

Our crystal objects, signed one by one, are now found both in prestigious modern residences and in ancient palaces and are dedicated to those who – in Italy and abroad – love true craftsmanship, which has always distinguished anything made in Italy.

The workshop is also known for the accuracy of its restorations on precious glass and crystal objects, which are requested by customers all over the world.

Tuscany produces 95% of Italian Crystal
and 15% of the world market