About us

Heirs of a dynasty of craftsmen

Paola Locchi

She had a brilliant career as an editor ahead of her when she inherited from her father-in-law the small and precious 19th century workshop of grinding and engraving on glass and crystal. Since 1964 Paola Locchi has turned a company at risk of closing into the pride of Florence. In love with her crystals, she has expanded the workshop, creating a refined line of tableware and interior design. Over the years Paola has collected prizes and awards, to name a few: “Firenze Donna for entrepreneurship”, “Torrino d’Oro”, “Bel San Giovanni”, “Perseo”, “Omani Artisan Quality”, medal of the President of the Italian Republic, the Golden Solomon of the University of Florence. She is the author of several monographs on glass and her articles feature in various magazines. Her contributions to conferences, conventions, debates and television programs have been countless. For the “Lady of Crystal” there is a solution for everything and there is no object that cannot be repaired or reproduced.

Giovanna Locchi

She has been in charge of the company since 1984. If initially she was considered “the daughter in law”, Giovanna immediately gained a fundamental role of coaching and responsibility, so as to become “irreplaceable and indispensable”, as Paola says. Giovanna takes care of the orders of historical customers and always manages to satisfy new customers who sometimes have complex requests, but not for her.

Matteo Locchi

He has been present in the company since 2015, but it can be said that he grew up among crystal. He has been entrusted with the important task of maintaining the prestige and professionalism acquired over the years. Matteo is responsible for uniting tradition and innovation to keep an ancient craft alive. It is up to him to manage the relationship with new and foreign clients, proposing them objects designed by him and executed by the milling craftsmen.

Our craftsmen

Matteo with Carmelo, Enrico, Roberto and Arben.

The ability and experience of our craftsmen allow each object to have the same characteristics as those crafted centuries ago.